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If you’re already thinking of planning your second date, that must mean the first one went well! The second date is the deciding factor for many women, as to whether they will continue with the third date. And the 3rd date is a very important one indeed for most couples. You can certainly choose to meet another girl within the beijing escort agency, or perhaps opt for the same one you liked and have built a rapport with.

Certainly if you are dating with a view to long term benefits, then staying loyal to the same girl is probably a good idea. Assuming you liked her enough, this demonstrates that the beijing escort agency has chosen well for you, and all their consultation process is worth it!

Begin by calling the beijing escorts agency and giving them some feedback on how the first date went. Tell them how much you enjoyed it and what you liked about the girl. They can easily arrange for a second date, depending on her availability. If you’ve found a girl you like already, this will make planning so much easier for future dates and special occasions. This way you already know what to expect, and can build on her likes and dislikes, as she can for you.

For your second date, which is the all-important doorway to the third date, choose something special and different from your first date. Remember, you aim is to enjoy female company and have fun. At this point, commitment and strings attached are something to be negotiated at a future date. Now is all about getting to know each other, whether you WANT strings attached! Continue to treat her exceptionally well, and behave like the perfect gentleman. She will certainly decline the next big date if you are not as lovely as you seemed on first impression.

The second date will be more relaxed than the first date, as you will have a better idea of what to expect from each other. Having a better understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes means you can plan the second date accordingly, with the third date in mind. For women, dating can be like buying a house. It’s a big investment, and you will go with your instinct on first impression. So you must view it again, to really get a good feel for the place, and whether this investment is worth it. She will rarely decide to buy before that third visit – or in your case, a third meeting. After all, a pretty important and sacred thing is at stake… Her body and heart.

By now you will have realized the benefits of using a dating agency. There will be no clingy text messages or calls asking where you are and what are you doing. It matches you with a perfect blend, and allows you both to progress at your own pace. When you are ready for that kind of intimacy, you can certainly agree to it mutually. Don’t push her, wait til she’s ready. And you too, may not be ready for some time, so keep your dating on a lovely casual level, going through the beijing escorts agency so your private life remains such. This is dating on your terms. The best of both worlds.

When the meeting time arrives, meet your date at your agreed location and plan something wonderful. If you have already been for dinner on your first date, perhaps consider the theater or a live show this time around. Be an attentive and considerate gentleman, and treat her like a diamond. She will probably want to date you again too, and your mutually beneficial relationship can continue for as long as you need it. Stop wasting time and money on random dates, unsatisfactory fix ups or endless meaningless mediocrity. Contact us now to start meeting truly beautiful women, with whom you can not only enjoy quality time, but may consider for a spouse at any time in your future.

Why choose an elite introduction agency vs random dates?

You can meet many women in bars, or associates at work, or introductions through friends. However there is no guarantee of how it’s going to turn out, or who she might share her experience with. Unfortunately, things do go wrong and you could leave yourself open to all sorts of scenarios. Particularly if you are in a sensitive social position, some women may choose to associate with you, with the express intent of using your connection for her own benefit. Whether by selling her story to the press, or writing a book about it, or blackmailing you by threatening to do the above..

You can’t exactly produce a confidentiality agreement on the first date! Although it does seem to be the trend with many celebrities these days… But why go through all that, when a professional agency already offers a guarantee of privacy, with women who want nothing more from you than honest payment for her time, and an enjoyable date? A reputable escort agency will offer only women who have signed non-disclosure agreements, preventing any disclosure of your privacy. They will also offer confidentiality forever, and never ever consider using their valued clients’ details for their own benefit. At Jucie Escort, you can be assured of this high quality confidentiality, no matter what.

With a good dating agency like Beijing Escort, you can relax knowing that all of your information is perfectly safe. The woman you are with is not a known companion, and she will not expect a relationship, contact you outside of the agency, or go to the press for the promise of a quick dollar. Because Jucie Escort operates with integrity, and only recruits models of the same quality. Should any model ever make a claim of this type, the agency will not only fiercely pursue legal action against her, but also deny all knowledge of you, for your protection.

Truth is a very relative thing. It is offered on a need-to-know-basis. Does anyone really ‘need to know’ that you have called an introduction agency seeking some companionship? Really? Unlikely. It is really nobody’s business, like whether you enjoy going hiking or playing golf. Spending time with a companion is really a personal activity that has no bearing on one’s conduct in other areas of life or profession.

All we can say about your selection of the agency with which you deal, is that you get what you pay for, but also what you research for. You can also be sure that there are plenty of options out there claiming to be ‘high class’, but very few of genuinely elite standing and operation. In addition, your Jucie Escort dates also value discretion and privacy above all else, and they are happy to be bound by their confidentiality agreements. There won’t be any nasty shocks, surprises or consequences when you restrict your dating escapades to Jucie Escort.

Now you’ve done all your research, you can relax and have some fun, safe in the knowledge that you’ve taken all necessary precautions to protect your privacy. While there are no doubt other options around the world providing 100% confidentiality, we can only speak for ourselves, as we know very well our record, reputation and intentions. Having been in operation since 1991, we’re pretty sure we can be relied upon to maintain the discretion of high-end parties. Our high percentage of return clients and the caliber of clientele for whom we cater, is reassurance enough for us. Beijing Escort is one of the leading and renowned establishments worldwide, without question. If you want to play it safe, stick to the quality agencies.

How safe is your privacy with Escorts, really?

The question of confidentiality comes down to the level of quality you choose for yourself.. Men will often select only the best in travel, conveyance, attire, beverages and domicile – but when it comes to the company they keep and their relaxation/ emotional connection, they will try to skimp and save! Cutting corners is rarely a wise choice when it comes to comfort, and the same applies when it comes to the energy to which you expose yourself.

Some gentlemen feel safer somehow with an independent escort, thinking she will not expose him. However this is no guarantee, as we have seen most of those VIPs discovered with a professional companion, were exposed by her, an independent escort… Of course we cannot generalize – there are plenty of independents who operate with integrity and honor. However there are also many whose main drive is money. If they can blackmail you or find a way to not only be paid for her story, but also promote herself for free – at the expense of your reputation, pretending she had nothing to do with it, she will… So this is no real solution either.

While the old adage “you get what you pay for” may apply in most situations, sadly it no longer applies in the companion industry. (Although of course seeking out the lower end of the industry will bring less chance of discretion than at the upmarket end!) What I’m saying is that unfortunately, one can no longer depend on confidentiality, just because one is paying a premium or requesting privacy. The only way to ensure this, is to follow the reputation of a company or beijing escort .

Even THAT is not necessarily a guarantee, as there have been plenty of ladies and agencies who do remain close-mouthed while in business, for their own benefit, BUT as soon as there is a sign of trouble, they spill their client list faster than a child caught shoplifting… So how to ensure one’s personal details will be protected, and not made public knowledge for the agency owners’ benefits or private escort is’accidental’ promotion at a later date?

Using a reputable, professional dating agency should bring with it a certain level of protection. Like any truly five star, high quality establishment, privacy and confidentiality is an understood provision of luxury. Discretion is everything in the world of high society. Problems occur when we have low quality individuals whose sole goal is money, masquerading as ‘high class’. One way to assess this is the consider the language utilized on their website and in their marketing. The image they have chosen with which to represent themselves. The articulation of the telephonists, or at least the process with which they cater for your inquiry.

For example, asian gallery is one of the few agencies that is operated by an educated manager of upper class background. You will easily see the high standards with which the agency is operated and presented, and the open promises it makes to protect privacy and identity – not that this is any guarantee, as anyone could claim to provide privacy, then what will stop them from discarding that promise when the chips are down…? In this day and age, where honor, honesty and integrity are but rare jewels in just a few crowns..

You can only be truly protected when the agency follows through with legal documentation. Any agency willing to sign on the dotted line, will most definitely be an agency you can trust. And this will include proof of the company name (ie registration certificates).



If you’re looking for a high-class model or beautiful singles to date, Beijing is the perfect place. If you only have a short amount of time, finding someone to date straight away could prove difficult. Setups can be quite embarrassing, and a singles bar or dinner can be a waste of time or be full of unsuitable women. Book a date that is guaranteed to be wonderful, with an agency that can save you time by matching you with your perfect companion.

A high quality agency will have a variety of carefully selected, educated and beautiful girls on their books who are all well bred, as well as fit. This amazing city has everything from typical European nightlife to beautiful architecture. There is so much to see and do that you won’t want to be on your own!  You want to meet someone with whom your energies blend, to enjoy a meaningful connection and a discreet experience. The last thing you want is to be seen with a known escort whose face is on websites all over the internet.

Booking a high class girlfriend experience with a beautiful escort model in Beijing is easy, once you find the right introduction service. Always spend some time on research, and look for an agency that offers quality, discretion as well as excellent attention via email or telephone. If you are searching online, avoid agencies with poor quality websites or that don’t have a professional feel.  Use your instinct and intelligence –  a good agency will have lots of well-resented information to reassure you, and will offer a guarantee of quality. An agency trusted by VIPs like beijing playmate, can offer all this luxury high quality and more.

Let the agency know your preferences when they ask, and let them assist you in selecting a perfect date. Someone with local knowledge of Beijing city will be an added bonus, as she can suggest the best dining venues and places of interest to visit. It might also help to mention if you need to her to be bilingual, unless you’re fluent in Chinese, of course! Either way, most people speak English in a big international city like this, so you should be safe with either a local model or an international travel companion.:)

Your stunning, feminine date will be the perfect discreet companion for an evening in beautiful Beijing. There is so much to do and see, that you may need a few dates to really enjoy it all! You can dine in world class restaurants with exceptional cuisine, and enjoy all the sights that Beijing has to offer. Beijing is the perfect place to enjoy the company of a beautiful and intelligent lady, in a luxury setting.

If your stay in Beijing is for longer than an evening, by all means you should consider booking your date for the weekend or the week. Having someone to come home to in your lonely hotel room, or someone to accompany you on your business dinners and shopping trips, makes things all the more enjoyable. Especially when you can claim your escort companion costs as a business expense, with our professional IT company invoices… Why not?!

Having an exclusive date for the entire stay is a great idea for you, because this means you know each other better, can build a rapport, and enjoy each other’s company all the more. Your date will be thrilled to spend more time with you, and will do her best to treat you as well as you are treating her. She will be your personal holiday guide in Beijing, and will make sure you get the most out of your stay. You may well find her company so alluring, you will want to come back for more. The chance of falling in love is high..



The dating game is both fun and difficult at the same time. Getting yourself introduced to a lovely lady is not as easy as it seems in the movies. Working through the whole dating relationship can be even harder. Baring yourself for another person to study is not always easy to do. And yet, we all go through with it because it’s the only way we get to enjoy a meaningful, and romantic relationship with another person. All success involves some risk.

Okay, so you’ve gone through the whole dating game. Your relationship with your lovely woman is now ready to be lifted to a whole new level. You have to understand that whatever attraction you two share would wane if you don’t make conscious efforts to keep your relationship fresh. One of the best ways to make your relationship work is to always keep your woman impressed and happy.

Here are three ways you can achieve this:

Always keep in touch

Communication plays a vital role in any relationship. It is even more important in a romantic relationship such as the one you are trying to maintain. Why? This is because any romantic relationship is hinged on trust, and communication along with honesty, is a very vital element of trust. Be open with her. It may seem trivial to you, but a relationship with hidden misunderstandings and silent offences will be unlikely to grow. Neither will it likely last for long.

Whether you’re away from each other or not, never ever take communication for granted. You’d be surprised at the immensely positive response it can bring, and how much damage its absence can have in your relationship.

Always be considerate

A lot gentlemen fail on this part. Often times when a man is in a relationship, he carelessly does things without considering how his partner might feel. Perhaps one of the biggest causes of misunderstandings is when the gentleman makes decisions without sharing with his girlfriend and considering her opinion. Even if your intentions is right, you have to understand that decisions, especially large ones should be made by the two of you. It’s a matter of respect.

Some gentlemen may think that because they have the bigger role in terms of finances, they can make decisions without consulting their partners. The result is almost always a misunderstanding, as she’s left feeling unimportant and overlooked. Men should respect their partners enough to trust them and make decisions together. If he’s such a powerful man, he should be strong enough to handle a polite conversation and state his case..!

Never walk away from an argument

Most of the time, men will walk out of an argument because it’s tiring and toxic. However, women only confront men to clear something up. When you walk out of an argument, the issue will not be settled and your partner’s confusion and anger will only grow. When someone leaves, a problem that could have been addressed with an open mind, can lead to something really troublesome. Stand your ground if you have to, accept corrections if there are any, but never ever walk out.

A romantic relationship is not necessarily romantic every day. It requires nurturing, it requires effort. Like if you buy a gorgeous new car, then don’t take care of it properly, it’s not going to be nice for very long.. Polish and care for your relationship. If you really want to keep what you have and grow together as a couple, then exert an effort to make the relationship work. It’s absolutely worth it, with the right person.



The history of courtesans is rich and delightful – and that of escorts even more bizarre. Escorts are easy; they were once simply ladies and gentlemen available as chaperones to dances and dinners, when one’s date was unavailable for some reason. As some prostitutes aimed to disguise their true profession, or to give a nicer image to their tasks, they began to refer to themselves as escorts. As such, today the word escort has two meanings; the dinner date/ social escort, and the by-the-hour type who is really only there for one reason….We’ll move on from that!

Courtesans however go back centuries, Veronica Franco being one of the most famous. A courtesan was an educated, accomplished woman, who rarely married, and who was allowed into areas where most women were not allowed in those days, particularly the courts. She would advise on legal matters, and coach the vip gentlemen of the time in their fields; somewhat of a muse and confidante in one. And she was rewarded handsomely, both financially and with gifts.

While she may have begun relationships with any of these men at any time, this was not the point of her presence. Just like a lawyer could choose to begin a relationship with any of her clients; but that doesn’t mean that’s what she ‘does’…

The same applies today, where high end gentlemen offer high payment and gifts to the elite ladies of knowledge and life experience, in order to enjoy her counsel, her sense of humor and intelligence, and of course her beauty. Much like the Geisha, she is there to serve and entertain, not to have sex. She is there to connect with this man on a deeper level, to bring emotional pleasure and intellectual stimulation.

She may accompany him to dances (knowing her classic dances), advise him on wines and art, play musical instruments, and remind him objectively of things he may have overlooked in his business conduct. She will be an invaluable companion to an elite executive, dignitary or tasteful celebrity.

A wonderful piece written on the history of courtesans can be found here.


Finding The Best Outcall Massage Service In Beijing

Beijing is a city with a notoriously raunchy nightlife. With several redlight districts that are wall to wall with beer bars, massage palours, finding a fun attractive partner to spend the night with isn’t difficult. However not everyone enjoys going to theses crowded bars, and if that’s the case for you, you can get online, visit a reputable escorts website and book an outcall massage service in Beijing that comes direct to your door.

One of the many unique facets of Beijing’s nightlife .

Aside from not having to visit crowed bars, there are many more benefits of using an beijing outcall massage service. The whole process is much more discrete; simply visit a website like My Princess Beijing, browse the masseuses profiles and book your favourite girl. You’ll find prices just as competitive as any massage palour and the private service you will receive is second to none.
All My Princesses escorts are well trained on how best to treat their customers, so you can expect them to be friendly, generous and helpful. If you feel like taking them to dinner, or sightseeing, they’ll be more than happy to oblige, and they’ll also help you get prices on items that can be more expensive for tourists to buy.
The company’s pre agreed prices also means you won’t have any issues with hidden charges during your time together, so they’ll be no requests for additional tips, or money for taxi rides home. Of course, if you’d like to tip them, you can, and you may even get a little better service for your generosity!

My Princess Beijing offers great membership packages that reward clients with free sessions after purchasing a certain amount of hours, a great incentive for expats, residents and regular visitors. There are also VIP packages that include limousine pick up and bottle of champagne.
Discrete, with reasonable prices and first class treatment, outcall massage services can give you some special time with a beautiful lady, all in the privacy of your own hotel room. So if you don’t feel like going bar hopping to find the women of your dreams, then call an outcall massage service in Beijing to help satisfy your needs.

Get the Most Sensual Massage in Beijing

massageDo you have a tired and aching body with all those pressures at work? Do you have a bad hangover and you only want to rest all day long? Well, there’s a place right in Beijing where beautiful girls are giving the most sensual of massages. If you come to their place, you’ll get the most erotic encounter of your life.

Interested? Then seek this massage parlour in Beijing and have a great time. Inside are beautiful girls who would lead you to a private room and give your body the best massage that it has ever received. Having sensual fun with a lovely lady  in beijing.

Where is it and How to Get There

The girls of Beijing Massage works in a luxurious but discreet apartment just near the train station. Only a two-minute ride, these girls are available 24 hours a day to serve you. To get to the exact location, you would have to schedule a meeting through the receptionist. Arrive at the designated time at the address given to you. A beautiful girl would usher you in and give you a very warm massage the whole time that you?re there.

Massage is the expertise of these girls. But they can definitely give you more than that if you ask for it. Consent plays a very important role in these places. If the service provider is ready to give you freebies or added services, then grab the chance and enjoy her company to the fullest.

The Gorgeous Ladies Giving Erotic Massages

The lovely ladies employed by the massage parlour are usually escort girls whose main line of job is to provide pleasure and entertainment to male clients. Giving you a satisfying massage is just one of the many things that they can do for you. Get to know your attendant a little better and try to see how well she can accommodate your additional requests. If she’s willing to do almost everything for you, be sure to leave her with a well-deserved tip for the great job.

And because these lovely ladies work as escort girls too, they can be invited for lunch or dinner outside their work schedule. While you might have to clear that with their escort agency, there’s no telling what type of friendship could blossom between the two of you. But for now, just enjoy the very best massage in Beijing. Nothing this sensual can be more rewarding for a man like you.


Mobile Massage Business Tips: Take the Stress Out of Outcalls

Imagine this: You’re digging through your beijing outcall massage bag for your oil holster and, with a sinking feeling, you realize that you left it at home. Your only options are to set the oil on the floor or on a side table across the room, both of which force you to break the flow of the massage to apply more lubricant. An unexpected stressor is introduced into the session, and your normally peaceful state of mind becomes flustered. Your stress then transfers to the client, who tenses up in response to your subtle irritation.
Here’s another stressful scenario. You arrive at the client’s home for a massage appointment and make several trips up and down a flight of steps to carry in all of your equipment. By the time you’re ready to start the beijing  massage, your muscles are aching and your energy is fading. You pour yourself into the session and leave exhausted after lugging all of your equipment back to the car.
Outcall appointments can be stressful and exhausting. Without the convenience of a permanent location, certain factors affecting the massage may be out of your control. But with a little organization and the convenience of accessories designed for the mobile therapist, you can do all that is in your power to make each appointment as successful as possible.
The Convenience of Mobile Massage Equipment
You love being able to bring your massage therapy into clients’ homes, and your clients love the convenience, but carting your equipment from place to place can take a toll on your body over time. The right mobile massage equipment, however, can ease the wear and tear on your body and make transporting your supplies easier.
One of the most practical and back-saving accessories for outcalls is a rolling table cart. A portable massage table, no matter how lightweight, is a heavy item to transport, and the longer you carry it, the heavier it feels. Save your energy for the massage by rolling your table with a cart. You still have to do a certain amount of lifting, but the cart will ease the overall strain on your body.
A high quality massage table bag can also reduce the strain on your body. A deluxe carry case includes a thickly padded shoulder strap for superior comfort, durable fabric and stitching, and extra padding on the bottom to protect your table from bumps and minor impacts. One of the biggest benefits of a deluxe case is that you can keep all of your main supplies in one bag, with large pockets for a massage bolster, linens, oils, and other accessories on the outside of the case.
If you’re still struggling under the weight of your table, consider purchasing a lightweight aluminum massage table. Aluminum is a lighter material than wood, which makes it perfect for an outcall table. Depending on your size and strength, you may be able to handle a heavier table, but for therapists who prefer the lightest weight possible, aluminum is the way to go.
Organizing Your Mobile tantric Massage Equipment
Even though you can’t always control your environment, there are steps you can take to ensure a relaxing experience for both you and your client. One idea is to make a list of supplies you need for outcalls. Check off your list before each visit. You’ll be less likely to forget something important. Another idea is to keep all of your outcall supplies together in one place. If you do both office sessions and on-site massage, consider keeping one bottle of massage oil in the office and one in your outcall bag. Store your outcall supplies in your vehicle if possible, except for lubricants, which should be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. Keep samples of lube in your vehicle, just in case you forget to pack some.
Use the following checklist as a starting point for your own list of items to remember. Add or subtract items as needed.
List of Items for Outcalls:
If you want to make your outcalls extra special, consider including a few of the items in the list below. Your clients will appreciate these luxury add-ons.


Escort Beijing: Most Brilliant and delicious

Are you tired of booking models who are almost mannequins who are just a waste of your, time , hope and money? Are you tired of meeting ordinary escorts that does not even provide the ordinary level of service to you? Do not be disappointed, your search is over!

We train our  Beijing Escort to be exceptionally talented and nothing less than a goddess! All our models are selected after a thorough analysis of their attitude, behaviour, skills, expertise and communication skills apart from high demand for the perfect physique. Our models are professionally trained thereafter in areas of companionship, grooming, intimacy skills, intelligence and adaptive quotient. We have umpteen models of varied educational, cultural, national and linguistic background. Additionally, we have models with different experiences, age, maturity, body proportions, complexion, attitude and mannerisms to suit best to your tastes. Our service aims to provide all satisfaction to the clients however extreme the demands are. We provide models that are mentally and physically ready to follow all your commands. In fact, our models are excellent conversationalists that they look forward to socialising and entertaining the clients. Our females are high-class and elite entertainers who are experts in various exotic entertainment forms of dances like lap dance, pole dance, strip teasing and such.

Time spent with our Beijing Escort  will surely be exceptionally worthwhile for your emotional health as our models can heed you and provide amazing support and pleasure to you. Pleasure giving is a passion in each of our models. As you would have noticed, we have a flawless service history with none a negative mark on it. Our clients and customers have given us high ratings and amazing testimonials appreciating our models and their service skills. We take maximum care to provide high-end confidentiality to you under all circumstances.