escort guide

First and foremost, pay close attention to your client’s desires from the initial exchange, no matter whether by phone, text, e-mail or booking form. Written by Victoria Krush

Gauge your response by listening for terms of endearment, tone of voice and pattern of breathe. The insight gained will serve as the crest from which you are going to navigate the whole erotic journey.

Religiously primp and pamper your self just before each session

Being attentive and well rested, not stressed, is paramount. Do not for a second neglect your hygienic duties for example intimate grooming, perfectly styled hair, moist skin and freshly polished or buffed nails. Your body is your product inside the most vital way. In case you are not ready and gathered physically, mentally and spiritually, you can not successfully deliver the love, comfort, intimacy, or fantasy that clients desire from you in the initial place.

Make sure that the whole presentation goes well from the initial meeting moment: wear your favorite perfume and finest lingerie, set a little candlelight and play sexy music that sends waves up the spine. Becoming at your greatest will ease any anxiety that can arise from a session and create a platform for a positive encounter.

Bait and switch ranks among the highest of client complaints

and will prove fatal to your company. Do not be one of those ladies who falsifies her appearance by posting photos that belong to someone else. More than showing a shady display of character, it demonstrates very poor taste by selecting to lie and deceive your client from the moment they lay eyes upon you. If it is discretion that concerns you, bait and switch just isn’t the approach to go. Blurring or not showing your face in photos will accomplish that purpose.

If that client feels that he has been conned into an appointment by way of false photos, you are doomed

Your client has created a conscientious choice to expose his identity by contacting you, providing other provider or work references and revealing personal, confidential details. Throughout history to present, engaging the services of a geisha, courtesan, escort or call girl represented a symbol of status, a habit exclusive to men of a higher stature. When the appointment is based upon a foundation of deceit, harmful or even volatile repercussions could ensue. Communication resources for example review forums present a double edged sword. Clients can and will inform comrades of detailed encounters with providers, both negative and positive. Some aren’t so nice and can spread like wildfire.

Counting stacks of twenties in the face of your client is often a certain way to spoil the experience and your image

Nonetheless, sweetly requesting that your gift be placed within the restroom upon arrival and that no mention be created of it’s a savory way of enhancing the mood. Open gift exchange taints the fantasy and is just plain tacky. Most clients are seeking some thing when they contact you. As a provider it really is your duty to delicately and strategically dissect those secrets throughout your initial communication and booking correspondence. In doing so, you are preparing for a session throughout which you’ll be transformed into playmate, friend, counselor, muse, fantasy, soul mate or an object of exclusive desire.

Your client inherently knows inside the very first five minutes of face-to-face contact if he will see you once again

If he doesn’t return, allowing both of you to reap the rewards of an ongoing tryst, then ultimately, it’s you who has failed to please.

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